Monday, 8 October 2007

A Big Few Weeks!

Finally got my invite to Ravelry!! So have spent a bit of precious knitting time perusing that and am finding it pretty good. I am KnittingInOz on there.

Finally finished my September KAL's with my dishcloth group! The first was Zig Zag by Kayleen Clements which you can see here. This was a really good knit and it was really easy too. The mid-month one is Snowy Drops by Andi Worthy which I just finished yesterday and will post a pic of as soon as the batteries for the camera have recharged. I do have to admit to a mistake which I did not notice until quite a few rows later so I did (and I hang my head but I was sick with a 24 hr vomiting bug!) leave it and just kept going. I am not particularly good at unknitting especially when it involves multiple rows. But I do know what I must of done so that is a good thing at least!!! :)

This months first KAL is a round dishcloth which I have never tried before so it should be fun (hopefully) and definately something new.

In other news, Dave and I put an offer in on a house and it has been accepted. Which is good. The building and pest reports have come back good too. So we are just now waiting on the go ahead from our bank. As soon as we have that we can sign the contracts and start packing!! It is a good house, while not my dream house it is a house that checks all our boxes and will make a good investment.

Hopefully this week will finally see me roll the alpaca into managable balls, get on with the round dishcloth and get the "on circs" scarf finished!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Quick Update!!!

Just started work last week and I have been soooo tired. I am part-time but for the first two months I will be full time. But I have kept trundling along with my knitting! I started a scarf on circulars, I have never used them and just want a "try it out" project. It is coming along nicely and I especially like how the "grain" runs long ways. I am still working on my lace project and I will take some pics as soon as I remember to put the batteries in the recharger!!!

The socks have been officially frogged. May they rest in peace.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Well here is a pic of the partially completed Bright Column Scarf done in the green/white variegated yarn which is a baby soft 4 ply. I am loving how quickly it is coming along, perhaps that is due to the pattern repeating every 6 rows so you feel like you a flying through it!

You can just see the horrible red plastic needles I am working with, they just aren't pointy enough for all the p2tog and k2tog that are in the pattern. That's my computer table, it is a lovely old wooden table with turned legs that I have grand plans of sanding back and re-varnishing but alas it still hasn't made it that far. Perhaps one day when the pigs are flying.

I don't think I can really call this a scarf, it is a bit too short for that. It is actually meant to be short as it is (as I call it) a Tuckeriner. It tucks in to that space between your coat and your neck with out the bulkiness of a full scarf.

I started this late late last night while watching The Sopranos. I had an itch to knit but wanted something brainless while I was watching tv. This is just a couple of balls from my stash. A chocolate brown acrylic (fairly generic) and a ball of Emotive Hip which is in a nice purpley blue. Pretty happy with the colour mix and it is all done and waiting to be sent to my sister.
Going to have to sit down and work out what knitting to take with me to Sydney. Can't have anything on the plane like knitting needles - especially during APEC. Security is pretty tight in Sydney at the moment with so many countries leaders here. They should have these sorts of meetings in the outback, not a soul in hundreds of kilometres! :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Don't tell the socks but I may have accidentally started this scarf! Oops! Don't know how it happened - one minute I was just thinking about it and then there it was cast on and sitting patiently waiting for me. What's a girl to do? I am doing it in a variegated green and white and it is very very soft. The only problem is the needle size needed is 5.5mm and the only pair I have in that size are plastic - which I hate knitting with. On the bright side I am obviously trying to improve my fortitude and extend my level of patience!

I sent Aunty Wilma her plain jane dishcloth, I am hoping she will actually use this one! Still haven't made one for myself. I am hoping to join a dishcloth knit-along as this maybe the one way I will get some for myself. Keeps those knitting vibes happening too.

What am I going to do about those socks?

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Another Dishcloth!

Those poor poor socks. I don't mean to neglect them! Honestly! But my Aunty is claiming that the last dishcloth is STILL too good to use so I have started knitting one in simple garter stitch - now she will HAVE to use it! I am thinking that I will make some plain garter stitch ones for myself in the knobbly cotton I have, I am "hoping" and that is a huge hope, to get a couple done this week before I start work.

I have been FLYING like a champ giving my house a very thorough clean before next week. It is going to be such a massive change for the whole family. It will need some adjustment but I have been running through all the changes with the kids (mainly Wes as Amelia is only 2 after all) so that they know exactly what will be happening etc.

I am currently searching the Internet for a lace scarf pattern that would be a good introduction for a complete beginner like me. I know I shouldn't be looking for yet another project in waiting but I have a bit of a hankering after seeing this one at but I am worried it may be too advanced for a baby lace knitter! What do you think?

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Socks have Moved!

I am about 2/3 the way through the gusset, I really hate this part. But by hook or crook they are going to be finished. Part of the reason they are taking so long is that I have some other sock wool that I want to use and I think I am seeing them as block to getting to the new yarn - ahhhh I am a fickle mistress!!! I also have a itching to do a lace scarf, start Wesley's jumper and Amelia's cardigan with that "new" wool I got last Saturday!! Too much!!! Plus I also go a part-time job that starts in about a week. So less time. Thankfully I have just put all the Fly lady stuff into place and am organised! Yes wonders never cease.

Here is a pic of the absolutely GORGEOUS tote my Mum made me for my birthday - it is lovely. I had been admiring another one like it she had made so she made me one too! It was such a great suppose as I had no idea at all!
I really really need to finish that sock, it is like a mar on my knitting - I don't feel like I can do my other things till its done.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Garage Sale Bargain

We went garage saling this morning. And I found this. It is a dusky pink (much pinker than in the picture though) and it is 40% Alpaca and 60% Courtelle, I have just weighed it and it comes in at a spit above 500 grams and I paid the princely sum of $5. Thats Aussie dollars too! I wish I had gotten there earlier!!

Don't ask about those socks, I will just say see the photo below as they look JUST LIKE THAT! lol!!!

As I am trying to become a FLYgirl ( I am seriously going to have to make some dishclothes for myself. I have all the stuff I just need to do, as Flylady says to set out a clean dishcloth and teatowel everynight for the next day and I want nice dishclothes!!!